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Speech of Mr. Faculty Dean

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About the College

The College of Computer Technology was founded in 2009 and it started with two departments, Department of informational networks and Department of Software. The College aims to study the techniques and means which are used in dealing with information and how to analyze and process them by computers and networks.

To get a bachelor degree from the college, students have to study for four years, and the college gives this academic degree in the departments mentioned earlier. College strategies are graduating students with practical and theoretical experiences in using computers and processing data. This can be done by opening advanced laboratories and the provision of resources. Moreover, opening channels of communication with the colleges through CISCO, Robot Remote Sensing, GBS and GIS. The college also holds sessions and seminars to keep pace with latest developments in the field of computers. One of the priorities of the college administration is to expand the college by opening new departments.

College branches:

The College of Information Technology is divided into two branchs:

  • 1-Networks
  • 2-Software